Espen Jorstad, the current Main Event Champion, Wants “Crazy Summer”

Plans to Participate in the Full 2023 WSOP Schedule. It’s possible that the banner honoring his victory in the WSOP Main Event will not be hung in the attic. The ink in the poker history books isn’t yet dry. However, Espen Jorstad is slowly but surely accepting his position in the business.

Does he consider himself to be one of the Greats, immortalized? Among Ungar, Doyle, and Hellmuth? Maybe not. Yet, he knows his position in the business. Additionally, he is aware that he shares a small amount of responsibility—a sliver, a morsel, or a modicum of responsibility—for the position that the WSOP occupies in poker, and possibly for poker as a whole.

The Norwegian was interviewed to talk about his plans for 2023, his participation in the newly formed WSOP Thrill Team to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the WSOP App, and his victory in 2022.

Changing in accordance with Life as the Champion

A year prior, Jorstad sat with under $200,000 in live profit. Even though he had already earned three times as much by finishing sixth in the WSOP Online Main Event in 2021, Jorstad could not have imagined the double-bracelet-winning summer he would have in 2022 or the Main Event victory that would earn him $10,000,000.

Espen Jorstad’s Street to Winning the 2022 WSOP Headliner

Eight-figure scorers seldom come in the poker world, and the heaviness of all that cash pales into unimportance close to the significance the Headliner arm band holds according to a large number. Jorstad’s name will now be added to a list of the greats who have won poker’s biggest prize, which includes 17 members of the Poker Hall of Fame.

I simply continue to see myself as the same man. “The whole concept of Main Event champions being ‘immortalized’ isn’t something I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about,” admits Jorstad. “There is nothing about me that has changed.” However, I still find it odd when I go to poker stops, the airport, or a restaurant, and someone approaches me and asks for a selfie. And I find myself thinking, “Why would you want to take a selfie with me?”

“I simply continue to view myself as the same guy. My character has remained unchanged! That’s not a bad thing; I don’t want to be anyone else, and I think I’m fine just the way I am!”

Jorstad says he was honored to be selected for the WSOP App

Thrill Team, which consists of seven players and includes no other former Main Event champions.

“I guess you feel kind of connected to the WSOP brand right away after last summer, and I’m sure other players can relate to this.” As a result, when someone got in touch while they were putting together the lineup, it seemed like a pretty good fit right away.

“There are a lot of legends on this team, and the lineup is insane. There is a good mix of newcomers and established artists.”

The first myth’s name from his mouth? Patrik Antonius, another Scandinavian. Jorstad acknowledged, “He’s been a big idol of mine ever since I first got into poker.” He was already crushing it when I started playing, and he has been at the top pretty much ever since.

“Also, Vanessa [Selbst] — a further traditional legend. When I first started playing poker, I watched a lot of poker-related television, including the WSOP, WPT, and High Stakes Poker. Vanessa and Patrik were both on these shows. It’s really cool that I’m now on the same team as them both.

In one of the most diverse poker ambassador teams assembled, legends interact with champions in the Thrill Team, who in turn interact with contemporary crushers and up-and-coming players.

“Adam Hendrix is clearly a very skilled poker player who was competing for the Global Poker Index [GPI] number one spot. You have Sam Abernathy, who is super sweet, and Adam Hendrix.

After spending a lot of time with Landon (Tice) and Ethan (Yau) over the summer, I now know them quite well. Landon seems like someone to watch in the future, especially if he keeps going the way he is. He has a lot of hunger. He could quickly become a regular on the high stakes scene.

“And Ethan, who goes by the name Rampage to everyone, is one of the most significant poker creators currently operating in the industry. He has a huge vlog and a lot of followers on social media, but in between, he’s also a little bit hot.” When you factor in the current WSOP Main Event champion, you get a talented team.

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