An Overview of the PopRocks Slot Machine

PopRocks, the newest game from Hong Kong’s Avatar UX, is not a slot machine based on the candy of the same name. PopRocks, a product of the Yggdrasil Masters Program, features an engaging gameplay layout based on the developer’s recently trademarked PopWins mechanic. As you can see, it also has some very high numbers, both in terms of paylines and potential payouts.

PopRocks is another example of how Avatar UX, despite the characters and the martial arts battling, proves that it is making games with an Asian theme for the European market. The grid-like mechanics of the game, along with expanding reels and bursting symbols, make for a refreshing take on the traditional slot machine. Seems baffling? Soon, the truth will be out.

The setting of the game is reminiscent of the hit Netflix series Ice Fantasy. If you haven’t seen it, PopRocks appears to take place in the realm of the Fire Tribe, and the story centers around a battle between good and evil in ancient Asia. It’s a gloomy underworld with a frightening castle seen through the game’s transparent reels. PopRocks is fun if you like listening to dramatic music while you spin. Like a chase sequence in a Disney action movie, this could be fun or frustrating, depending on your perspective. It should be noted, however, that the game was still in development at the time of testing, and that sound design was still a work in progress.

PopRocks’s presentation may not blow you away, but it serves its purpose adequately. Since the game awards wins in both directions, the initial grid size of 5 reels by 3 rows and 486 win ways is extendable. Set bets between 10 percent and 30 dollars or euros to get the action going. In the meantime, you may take heart from the fact that the RTP is a healthy 96.8%. It’s encouraging to see this in the midst of a general decline in RTP. However, PopRocks is incredibly volatile, and players had to endure long stretches of no wins or little payouts before the game’s extra reels and features could be activated.

The paytable then reveals the game’s theme and roots with symbols that fall into four distinct groups: low, medium, high, and super high. The majority of the loses are made up of 10-A royals with an Asian flavor. Following the low payouts come the four jewels (green, blue, purple, and red) that make up the medium pays. The top prizes now have more unique elements, such as blue, purple, green, and gold diamonds clasped by dragons. Super high pays out 100 times the bet with just 5 matching symbols.

Even while low pay symbols aren’t worth much on their own, when the features kick in, the payouts can skyrocket. Wilds are the final symbol on the paytable, and they can replace any other. Remember that high and super high symbols never show on their own during spins; they can only be triggered by using Pops.

PopRocks Featured Slot Machine

PopRocks is a slot that performs best when the features are firing on all cylinders. The PopWins function is essential; it’s essentially a cascade wins system with a few tweaks. When a winning combination occurs, the symbols that comprise it are “Popped” off the reels and replaced by two new symbols. To accommodate the larger number of symbols, the game’s reels can grow to a maximum height of 7 symbols.

There is a multiplier meter on the left side of the screen that lights up whenever a symbol is “Popped,” and the number of active win ways is shown to the right of the reels. When 7 Popped symbols are added together, the multiplier goes up by 1.

The Bonus Mode is activated when the reel height is increased to seven rows. Only one new symbol appears with each “pop,” the multiplier increases by +2 instead of +1, and a wild is added to the game. Also, the win ways touched 33,614 – due to lines paying both ways.

PopRocks Slot: The Final Say

PopRocks offers enough new features to warrant your attention. You might enjoy what PopRocks can achieve if you enjoy grid slots with a lot of momentum. It takes a lot of effort to get started, but once it does, it may keep going for a very long time and pile up a lot of victories. Its large runs are the only source of excitement and payoffs; there are no free spins, respins, or bonus games. The rest of the game isn’t really exciting because of how lucrative these streaks can be, and when you do hit a dry stretch, the repetitious low win pop cycles will truly tax your patience. But the fact that the game can suddenly explode into chaos on any spin makes it irresistible.

things’s all or nothing if you can’t get things rolling. Because of the low value of the symbols, even a string of victories won’t be enough to do much besides deplete the player’s account until there are a lot of them. You still need the high pay symbols to help you get near to that mythical 72,188x potential, even when Pops link together. That’s simpler to say than do, of course.

You should check out PopRocks; at the very least, try out the sample to see if it fits your needs. Overall, Avatar UX does a decent job; it looks fine, plays smoothly, and has several interesting features. PopRocks is the epitome of “all or nothing” gaming, so proceed with caution.

WildPops is Avatar UX’s second slot machine to incorporate PopWins, so if you liked that one, you might want to try it out.

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